Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Android version of Google Chrome launched download Apk File

Update: Chrome for the Android Beta of APK file download link: only supports Android 4.0 or above systems
This rumor that Google will launch Android version of Chrome has long been rumored, has finally come true, the Google without warning launch of the Chrome for Android Beta, but Hong Kong can not download, but before the deadline, which the program was added to our 30 minutes, so I can not find outflow of APK install a trial, you can only see the official introduction movie fancies about. The following are the features of the Chrome for Android Beta:
  • Speed ​​up page loads, scroll and zoom speeds
  • Omnibox with powerful real-time search engine
  • Supports the desktop version of the Chrome bookmarks at the same time function
  • Can be opened once the desktop version of Chrome paging
  • Support unlimited paging, can be switched by sliding around the page
  • Built-in the Chrome to Phone feature, a key web pages sent to mobile phones and tablet PCs, and support for offline reading.
  • Can make use of stealth mode to browse the Web, the pages will not display in the browsing history or search history

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  1. Love it but I really miss flash so still not ready to be default browser for me yet. Love the look, and speed. Tabs are gorgeous and easy to manage. We need flash integration though!!