Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 analysis Apple vs google vs microsoft vs samsung

2012 seems a lot of variables there are various companies, iOS pace of development has slowed down a lot, but some low-end of Android to iPhone users may be a new generation of products, while Microsoft's WP7 platform is at the end of 2012 may have more big change.
  First, there will be four separate companies more intense competition
  1 Apple iOS - users share remained stable, loyalty remains undiminished, the preservation of a higher cell phone.
  (2) Google has acquired Motorola - when the Android camp may be subtle changes, but overall will remain stable, Google will come through the operation of Motorola Android manufacturers lead to other new standards, the benefits of the acquisition of motor is the future of Motorola's mobile phone may firmware maintenance there will be a great improvement, so the lead can prevent the split version of Android upgrade and maintenance and other issues.
  3 Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia - MSFT recent years, the slow development of the mobile platform, the acquisition of Nokia is necessary, after all, Google has won a motorcycle, but Microsoft's development was slow, Q2 2012 is expected to be such a low-end Tango firmware release, In addition to the major update to support 4G LTE, may for a lower resolution than the WVGA device support, whether compatible with dual-core CPU is unknown.
 4 Samsung - multi-platform development, in addition to Android, Windows Phone 7, there may launch Windows 8 tablet, of course, though his intelligence platform Bada system, but may only Smart TV will appear like appliances, eating Symbian S40 may also be one of the tasks.
 Second, the market share
  Now, 2012 may be more important for Microsoft, the current ecosystem point of view of all our hopes in WP7 Nokia hands for the past two years from the release of Windows Phone 7 market reaction and satisfaction is not very high, the share is still very slim. Nokia has been the main battlefield in Asia Pacific and Europe, but Europe has almost a monopoly of iPhone and Android, Asia Pacific for Nokia mobile phone users the price is not cold. Currently Nokia 800 in the overall area is not much advantage over the iPhone, but around 3500 the price competitiveness is not high, in the application more difficult to ensure.
 Third, the developer
  Domestic mobile developers look WP7 rise,. Net programmers can quickly transition to Windows Phone 7, but not much technical content as well as WP7 SDK is not very attractive to senior developers, application of the overall quality and iOS, Android than to have a big gap, of course, blame the developers, the SDK can only say that Microsoft is not ready, now, outlook remains worrying. Android's audience are more similar to the domestic Meizu, millet and other vendors involved, from MTK cottage into Android market monopoly. History from WM5 / 6 into the MTK and then Android. So Android's prospects are bright. iOS programmers may be more applications to go flat over.

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