Sunday, January 15, 2012

Firefox browser Tips

In the process of using Firefox, you encounter many problems one way or another, but could not find the answer? Tips listed below will help you quickly master the use of Firefox.
Q: How to improve browsing speed of Firefox?
A: In the address bar enter about: config, open the Firefox settings. Will network.http.pipelining and network.http.proxy.pipelining are set to true, will network.http.pipelining.maxrequests set to 8 or greater, then the speed will be greatly improved.
Q: Tab label problem?
A: Firefox is not required to support plug-ins. You can use the hotkey Ctrl + T, Ctrl + W to open and close tags. In addition you can customize the toolbar by the way the button on the toolbar.
Q: Firefox settings and extensions and bookmarks are stored in what place?
A: Firefox plug-in is installed on a Windows system user configuration directory, usually this directory is called: "C: Documents and SettingsAdmin-istratorApplication DataMozillaFirefoXProfiles? Nq1y0aa. Default user" (this directory may be because you set the Windows installation varies ), before you reinstall the system back up this directory, do not reinstall the system after re-install the plug, the other has a special set of extensions and plug-saving options.
Question: Firefox How to achieve that kind of Tab as Maxthon tabbed browsing?
A: Firefox itself is built-in tabbed browsing, you can hold down the Ctrl key and click with the middle mouse button or directly click on the link in a new Tab will be able to open a new page, if you think this is too much trouble, Firefox browser, there are many extensions Tab You can choose for you. It is recommended a TabExtensions, it gives you the Tab browsing is even much more powerful than Maxthon.
Question: Firefox How to use FlashGet and other download tools to download?
A: Firefox itself provides a powerful download manager, support resume, in the Organizer features such as download files directly open, but some friends or want to use FlashGet download software professional, Firefox has many extensions to the completion of the function, I recommend to you FlashGot, the installation will expand your context menu, you right click directly on the download link will be able to choose to use FlashGet to download the.
Question: Firefox How to install XPI extensions?
A: In the Firefox menu, select "File → Open", then choose to install the XPI file extension. Later you can see Firefox will ask if you want to install this plug-in, click "Yes" to pay attention to the newly installed FireFox plug must be restarted to take effect (close all Firefox windows, including extensions, themes and other window).
Question: Firefox How to install theme Jar file?
A: There are a number of themes downloaded .Jar compression package, if you want to install, first open Firefox, and then open the Tools - Themes Theme Manager window and then. Jar files directly onto the window, it will start the installation. After installation, restart Firefox you can. Again, thank you want to restore elf badger screen Aye? Can also Theme window, select the theme you want, and then restart Firefox to.
Q: How do I make Firefox use multiple configuration files?
A: In Firefox startup followed by the / p switch, you can open Firefox's Profile Manager, where you can add delete and select your profile. So you can use different configurations for surfing. Note that the different configuration files inside the plug-ins and themes are also independent. In other words, you can in two different configuration files to install two different sets of plug-ins.
In the case of the default installation, in Windows Start - Run dialog box, enter the following command on it. You can according to your Firefox installation to make changes to a different location: "C: Program FilesMozilla FirefoxFirefox.exe" / p

[1] [2]   

Q: How do I change the page size of the text?
A: In the Tools menu, select option Friefox basic information choose font and color coded language Simplified Chinese, the smallest font set to 12, to determine and then look at the text on the page will be different. Or use the shortcut key ctrl +"+"/"-" change the font size of web pages.
Q: How do I customize Firefox's temporary files stored address?
A: Open Firefox address bar type about: config after the carriage return, there will be detailed in Firefox configuration page. Right to create a new string called browser.cache.disk.parent_Directory then enter a new temporary file path. For example: D: \ Temp Files
Q: The installation of plug-in when it came to how to do the wrong version?
A: In the address bar type: about: config Open Firefox detailed configuration page and find: app.extentions.version behind the numbers is the version number, change the version number of supported plug-ins, and then install plug-ins.

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