Friday, January 20, 2012

[Free Software] with 15 "genuine free software" instead of pirated software! (Mad save 10 million!)

BSA Union recently began advertising in the media, warning line number of companies, small business owners, said the use of pirated software may allow you to " more work for several years , "so hard to lay the foundation of your business overnight collapse of the territory (due to the lose money). Indeed, there is so terrible, but also have many solutions, one of which is not piracy: Use a variety of free software to replace the need to pay for a variety of computer software.
I initiate the following introduction to several commonly used free software, of course, the title of mad save 10 million is impossible (less pay tens of millions of touches), should not someone buy a computer has to spend 10 million to buy software, yes it really is the top user of M head! Even if we had switched to free software, the sky will not fall 10 million to us, at most, not pirated computer at home after several hundred thousand dollars less worth it. If you have other good free software, we recommend ~ also welcome (of course, can make commercial use or better)

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