Sunday, January 15, 2012

5 under Windows 7 common faults and solutions

1, DVD audio problems
  Microsoft Windows7 improved hardware compatibility, but some users complained that the old machine, the volume when playing a DVD or are they not very sound.
  Solution: Open the Control Panel, go to "Hardware and Sound" option, right default player, and select Properties in the pop-up screen, enter the advanced options, re-set the audio options.
  If that can not afford to results, we recommend installing a new audio driver.
  2, MovieMaker failure
  By improper operation will result in Windows MovieMaker can not import the default network file. The problem can be solved by quick registry modification.
  Run Regedit command, find HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows Live \ Movie Maker information line, will "allow network file" item's value changes as the start state.
  3, XP mode failure
  Windows7, XP virtual mode is one of great innovation that can provide users with XP and Windows 7 both operating experience. Older software will resolve the compatibility issues, but also new features of Windows 7 to play.
  Often fail for three reasons:
  (1) XP mode requires CPU support, Microsoft hardware virtualization support tools can be used to detect whether the virtualization requirements;
  (2) In addition, you must set the board will be AMD-V, Intel VT, VIA VT virtualization features activated;
  (3) The final reason is that some of the OEM manufacturers for security considerations prohibit the XP mode, users can log in to see if the firewall is disabled.
  If the above options have been ruled out, it is recommended to download VirtualBox virtualization software professional, you can run XP in Windows7 desire.
  4, Windows Media Center since the start
  Windows7 Media Center functionality is one of its features, but does not support the self-starting, it is extremely troublesome. Similarly, users managed in the registry:
  Run Regedit command to find the names of the following information, will be key to setting EHome.
  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ AutoplayHandlers
  5, lost file system failure
  Although Windows7 impressive, but it will inevitably crash situations. Sometimes, you want to crash through the Windows diagnostic software to view records, but found Memory.dmp file is not found in the relevant records.
  Solution: Right My Computer, choose Properties, enter the Advanced tab, items in the Startup and Recovery, select the "system failure" column of the "written to the system event log." Thus, every possible future system failures will be automatically recorded.

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