Friday, January 20, 2012

[Fun game] Cut the Rope cut rope game (support general computer, iPhone, Android)

Cut the Rope is a very fun, very popular puzzle game, now available in iPhone, Android and other platforms, download play, recently launched the online version, the direct use of common web browser can play for free.
Cut the Rope game play is simple in the game screen with finger or mouse click program, you can cut the rope in the game, the main purpose is to make the candy hanging on the rope can be thrown into a small frog smooth inside the mouth.Through different locations and height and angle of the rope swing fall the way, fell into the frog in the mouth of candy to eat during the more stars you can get more points. Seems quite simple, but some points have to really spend more than their brains try it flies.
Cut the Rope web version now supports the new version of the game Fireofx ,Google Chrome , Opera , IE9 . . . and other versions of the web browser does not support IE6, IE7, IE8 and so on older browsers.

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